One will find Queen Elizabeth park  featured in Forbes magazine, Huffington Post, African Safari Geographic, CNN and other prominent  magazines. Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in Southwest Uganda, 372.4 km from kampala city on the road. It is home to some of the most amazing animal and bird species that includes 95 mammal species like the hippos ,buffaloes ,elephants ,leopards, lions to mention but a few and more than 500 bird species, key species include the African Mourning Dove ,Grey –Capped Warbler ,the  beautiful Black –headed Gonolek , Collard Pranticles, Pin Tailed Whyda Martial Eagle, Gabon and slender tailed Night jars, Great and long tailed Cormorant , Black rumped Button quail, Common Squaco Heron, Shoe bill Stork, African Open billed Stork and so many other distinctive bird species.

The park is most definitely Uganda’s most popular tourist and safari destination .With the most beautiful snowy Rwenzori mountains in clear view from it.Queen Elizabeth is one of the largest of its kind in Uganda spanning about 1978 square kilometers .Queen Elizabeth park lies along the equator  and the Katwe explosion craters mark the parks highest points at 1350m above sea level while the lowest point at  910 m at lake Edward. The Parks diverse ecosystems which include the sprawling savanna, humid forests, beautiful lakes and fertile wetlands make it an ideal habitat for classic large animals and monkey species as well as 600 bird species. The Kazinga Channel at the park is also such a magnet for the parks beasts like the buffalo, hippos that rest just along the banks of the channel. While in the park, one can catch sight of magnificent lions ready to pounce on unsuspecting herds of the Uganda Kob.

The park was founded in 1952 as Kazinga National Park and it got its most recent name only two years later to commemorate a visit from the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. The park also has a fascinating cultural history, there so many opportunities for tourists to meet the locals the banyankole of Rukungiri Bushenyi and the Bakiiga of Kasese and take part in the traditional dances and storytelling.

Generally, this park is one of the best places to escape alone or with the whole family from busy daily schedules and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the waters and wildlife. It is also a one stop for anyone looking for an animal filled adventure, bird watching escapade or even mountain viewing.

The Mweya Safari lodge is one of the best places to stay located exactly in the heart of the park with the most amazing view over looking the craters and facing mountain Rwenzori. Among all the beautiful luxurious places like the Jacana Safari Lodge, the institute of ecology .Camping sprees being most ideal at the mweya

Queen Elizabeth park has exciting tour activities and experiences such as Game drives in the park,Chimpanzee Tracking,Birding watching ,Boat Cruises across the Kazinga channel,Mongoose Tracking,Visiting Kyambura Wildlife Reserve,landscape watching at the inedible view of Mweya Safari Logde. At Twist African Safaris , we offer exciting itineraries to this Queen Elizabeth park with a  twist to enable you have a memorable trip to Uganda. In  this special Twist you not only witness wildlife but also get to interact with the locals in our special Social Impact Tourism program. Get your trip to Uganda planned today by simply sending us a message to our quick response