Kampala is the official capital city of Uganda. The beautiful city is located in the Buganda region which notably is  the largest traditional Kingdom in the country. The City is bordered by lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake , mother of the longest river in Africa which is Rive Nile.

Kampala is located in the middle of Africa near the equator which makes  the weather in the city  warm throughout the year with good rainfall months.  The favorable climate of Kampala makes it a geat destination that  one can travel to any time of the year.

The city got its name from the rare species of the Impala that resided on one of the small beautiful hills in the area, that is when the British arrived in the region they named the place “the hills of the Impala”. The locals always went hunting and would say bagenze e ka’ampala (They’re off to Kampala) thus the name Kampala. 


The city is packed with so many spectacular sites and glorious destinations with a dynamic mix of races all over the city, welcoming nice locals and mind bending, thrilling attractions to have you interested and occupied throughout your stay.

If you’re planning a trip to Kampala, you can explore and discover the untold treasures of  the various destinations  taking the examples of  East Africa’s  biggest, largest and oldest museum. ”THE UGANDA MUSUEM”   takes you  to a wonderful experience of immersing  oneself in a collection of Uganda’s historical and traditional art. The same vibrant history is also visible in  different places like Mengo Palace ,The Kampala Hindu Temple ,The 32degree East Ugandan Art trust, The Kasubi Tombs ,a known burial ground for the Buganda kings and other members of the Buganda royal lineage, one of the most important spiritual havens of the country  . The Uganda National Mosque is also a beautiful landmark to explore giving a breathtaking view of the city. The Uganda Martyrs Catholic Shrine in Namugongo is also such a must visit while in Kampala for anyone looking for a spiritual encounter this is where 24 young Ugandan men (Uganda Matyrs ) were killed for their faith in God . One can also catch sight of the Independence monument which features a man unwrapping a child and holding them to the sky symbolising the independence of the country. And so many other places magnificent in their own stature.

The places for accommodation places are all good and definitely affordable ranging from luxury, mid range and budget accomodation. Eating choices in the city are also as endless as your cravings. There are millions of places with food from all over the world ranging from Mexican to Indian, Chinese, French and more. To note more,during your visit to the city,do not frget to taste the  mouth watering traditional cuisine of Uganda the likes of matooke steamed in banana fibre, sauces also cooked within fibre and so many eastern and northern dishes And as the saying goes,you havent visted Uganda not until you taste the famous Kampala Rolex during your stay.

The nightlife of the city bangs every night of the week. A young, fun and friendly crowd keeps the fun going until the sunrises and the list of bars and clubs is never ending with something for everykind of person.Infact among all East African countries the nightlife of Kampala stands out as the most exhilarating.Shopping can be done all-over the city at various stores for traditional and untraditional attires and jewellery. During your vist to kampala make sure you experience the thrilling boda boda ride to get you to most of the destinations within the city. 

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